Tempio Ceramic sun protection for facades by Cerámica Mayor S.A.

For the interior, exterior, decoration and many more applications. Ceramic sun protection for facades Tempio by Cerámica Mayor S.A. will be among the innovative products at the Architectural and construction Week 2020.

Presented by VENTA Group, we will find them in Hall 2, Stand 2D. The design of sun protection elements allows their various applications not only as a means of protection from sunlight in staircases and openings, but also as a pergola, balustrade or just as a partition between two parts.

Sun protection elements are available in sized up to 160 cm and in natural or glossy colors. Their installation is extremely easy; The system includes a protective bracket, thanks to which the revision is easy to perform.

Tempio by Cerámica Mayor S.A. is used in the interior, exterior, decoration, partitions and pergolas. Also, the qualities of the product presented by VENTA Group in Hall 2, Stand 2D, which make it recyclable, provide long life, exceptional color stability, self-cleaning effect. Thanks to all these costs are reduced, and installation and replacement are easy.