Wide range of BORO TERACOL

Hall 3, Stand C12. This is where during the exhibition Architectural and Construction Week we will find the stand of BORO TERACOL.

The company manufactures building mixtures, including cement adhesives for ceramic veneers, cement- and gypsum-based dry plastering mixtures, color mixtures for filling of joints of ceramic tiles, cement-based mortars. Their business is also focused on the production of liquid construction products - hydro-diffusion paints (latex), primers, adhesives, plasters and additives.

BORO TERACOL is the owner of the trademark "Teracol®". Its production facilities are from leading German companies. The technological processes are controlled by qualified personnel with the help of modern high-tech software, which provides the famous excellent quality of the "Boro" branded products.


Among the products, that the company will highlight in their participation, is the exterior combined thermal insulation system "BOROTERM", which consists of complementary elements. "BOROTERM Thermal Insulation system" complies with Bulgarian and European legislation. Certification has been carried out in an independent accredited laboratory. We offer a complete system whose components are created and tested to work together. The production and quality control is carried out by the company experts", commented from BORO TERACOL.

All rules relating to deliveries of raw materials and supplies, production, entry control, final control and testing of the products applied in the exterior thermal insulation system "BOROTERM" are  compliant with the Quality Management System. The components are of high quality, their production is carried out in a modern technically equipped and automated facility, with 100% control of raw materials and finished products.

The thermal insulation system has high performance characteristics - high weather resistance, high resistance to fungi, mold, high hardness and resistance to impact. The individual components are easily applied and structured. In the execution of the exterior thermal insulation system "BOROTERM" mixing and addition of other unauthorized materials is not allowed.

For further effects according to customer requirements

BOROLEX acrylate paints are used to obtain special effects according to customer's requirements. As a basis can be applied colored latex or BOROGRUND 20 to obtain a uniform basis. To achieve special effects decorating rollers or special sponge inserts are used, providing full coverage of acrylic latex with special effects.


Decorative silicone plaster with special effects is designed to be applied on facades and interior walls. It is suitable for giving extra effects in restaurants, public buildings, hotels, etc. It is applied on gypsum and mortar plasters, plasterboard and as a finishing coating in the construction of exterior combined thermal insulation systems (ETICS).

It is available in different options - with smooth and embossed structure (with glass beads, different brocade, dark granules, etc.).

- Easy to apply and be structured

- Excellent adhesion to the foundations

- Excellent resistance to mechanical impacts

- Low water absorption and high vapor permeability

- High atmospheric resistance – protects surfaces from harmful weather influences – water, humidity, UV-rays, temperature changes, etc.

- High resistance to industrial gases, fungi, moulds and bacteria

- Quick drying

- Excellent inter-layer adhesion

- Resistant to contamination

- Color solutions according to specific customer requirements

- Conforms to BDS EN 15824 and complies with Bulgarian and European legislation