About finishing works: What will Lina 07 present to us

Finishing works must be done with high quality and innovative methods and materials. The exhibition Architectural and Construction week is the place where the company Lina 07 will present to the sector their solutions.

Aerated concrete is among the products of the company; it combines strength, insulating properties, fireproof and construction comfort. It can be used both for exterior structures as well as for interior insulation and building. Among the advantages that specialists indicate are the speed and convenience of building of individual elements.

The Gypsum Board

Gypsum board is a building material that is available as conventional, waterproof, fireproof, etc. It is used for wall cladding, sound insulation, suspended ceilings, partitions and decorative elements. "Gypsum board is a dense, durable, breathable and easy-to-install material," complemented from the company.

The thermal insulation

For the construction of energy-efficient buildings, Lina 07 will offer thermal panels, consisting of two exterior metal sheets and a stabilizing interior of insulating material inserted between them. The metal sheets are connected to the insulating core by a special adhesion. The outer surface of the sheets may be flat, slightly corrugated or with a well-expressed profile.

The thermal panels of the company are widely used for construction of exterior cladding for one-storey and multi-storey buildings, which require resistance to weather conditions and wind load, access load, own weight, etc. Also they are used for the construction of insulated interior premises, roof panels, partitions (e.g. in cold storage rooms) and for fire-resistant partitions.

Lina 07 will present their solution in Hall 3, Stand D8.


Fence panels from galvanized steel sections

The fencing elements are an essential part at both the main stages of construction and the finishing works. Therefore they fall under the focus in the presentation of the company Lina 07.

The fence panels are galvanized steel profiles, which feature exceptional strength, elegant appearance and affordable price. They are used for separation of the boundaries of open areas.

The product presented by Lina 07 is designed for the construction of enclosures of industrial plots, roads, highways, private pieces of land, schools, agricultural farms, sport complexes, plantations, parks, etc.

"This type of systems is most preferred for the construction of fences due to their elegant appearance, exceptional stability, quick installation and reasonable price", complemented from the company.

The fencing solutions of Lina 07 will be exhibited in Hall 3, Stand D8.