BILDA – The innovative technology for construction of building structures and fixing of facing panels

The innovative BILDA technology will be presented by the company STOA at this year edition of the exhibition Architectural and Construction Week.

BILDA is an innovative technology for construction of building structures and mechanical fixing of facing panels, which includes the following main components:

- BILDA kit. A modular set of rectangular hollow profiles with Q-shaped angular grooves and multifunctional elements for different facing solutions.

- Facing technique. It is a precise groove technique, allowing innovative fixing of the facing elements to the supporting structure through a spline and a tongue. The spline is a minimal slop in the side part of the panels, which is less harmful for their thickness and strength accordingly.

- Know-how. Assembly rules, described in detail, technical specifications, instructions and methodology, guidelines for precise milling of the  spline– all drawn up as a result of research, modelling, testing and practice.

- Equipment and tools. Patented machines and tools for milling of the splines in the panels through slitting cost efficient process.

BILDA is applicable in the construction sector and it stands out with several advantages, as follows:

- Quick and easy installation

- Thinner lining panels

- Lighter structure

- Solutions for various façade elements

- Versatility – Use of all types of panels on the same structure

The company STOA will present their innovative BILDA system in Hall 2, Stand A18.