Wooden Composite Door from ICB EUROPE


 At Architectural -building week ICB EUROPE EOOD / ERDOOR will present wooden Composite Door (Interıor Doors). As ERDOOR, you can safely use it indoors such as home and office; water, moisture and bacteria resistant, aesthetic wood composite interior doors are produced.

The area of applicationf of the product is in closed areas (House, Office, etc.)


The company produce interior wood composite doors, you can safely use for years. Our products are produced with special technology that is resistant to water, moisture and bacteria, and are produced with a life expectancy equivalent to the life of your structures.


Erdoor set in 2011 to bring the story of the wood, which has been going on for centuries and taking on different shapes as time passes. With More than 600 employees, 3 operating in the continent Ergünbaş Group in Wood Composite Door and Door Components engaged in the production Erdoor is, the factory has found 18,000 m2 closed area in Turkey as well as in Algeria 22,500 M2 of production facilities as well as the recent activities with its warehouse in Bulgaria, it continues to have a say in the international market by opening to Balkan countries.

Erdoor is the leading manufacturer of Composite Doors and Components in the Middle East and Africa in a short period of time.

Erdoor works diligently at every stage of the production and marketing process and continues to work with an understanding based on customer satisfaction while expanding its production range day by day.

Erdoor has a wide range of wooden composite interior doors. It is one of the leading brands in the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans with its experienced staff specialized in this field. Erdoor products; design, aesthetics, ease of use and quality has high standards. Thanks to these features, Erdoor products have received qualification certificates from many quality standards.


More information about ICB EUROPE and their products you will receive in Hall 2, B8 Stand.