The newest from scaffolding and formwork systems manufacturer

Portisan Scaffolding and Formwork company will present Scaffolding, Formwork, Telescobic props, Safety et, Safety Barriers.

Brief description of the product /service/ machine:

We are scaffolding and formwork systems manufacturer.

  1. Flanged (Ring Lock) Type Scaffolding Systems
  2. Cup Lock Type Scaffolding Systems
  3. H Type Load Bearing Scaffolding Systems
  4. Portiscaff Full Safety Scaffolding Systems
  5. Goldpan Wall Column Panel Formwork Systems
  6. Polex (Lightweight) Wall Column Panel Fomwork Systems
  7. Industrial Wall Column Formwork Systems
  8. Circular Curtain Wall Formwork Systems
  9. Climbing Formwork Systems
  10. Single Sided Support Formwork Systems
  11. Modular Panel Formwork Systems
  12. Telescobic Prop Systems
  13. Safety Barrier
  14. Safety Net
  15. Material Transfer Platform
  16. Slab Panels


The area of application is Construction Sites, Facade Works, Buildings, Concrete Works, Construction Fields. The customerbenefits  are long term durability, easy to install, low prices, high quality, quick assembled.


More information about Portisan products you can see in Hall 2, Stand C9.