Vertical landscaping is environmental and aesthetic solution for interior and exterior

Sustainability and aesthetics are two of the leading aspects in modern construction. Impressive proposals for interior and exterior landscaping, tailored to customers’ requirements, will be offered by the company New Garden at Architectural Building Week.

For interior walls of the lounges of office buildings, hotels, public buildings or free-standing, the company is going to present a vertical landscaping system, arranged on a steel structure. Water-tight panels are used and geotextile or another moisture-retaining fabric is inserted. The irrigation system is automated and the plants are cultivated through the "hydroponics" method.

 "The main advantages are the increase of air humidity in rooms with dry and stagnant air, noise-insulating and dust-retaining function. And of course, bringing the human to the real nature," commented rom New Garden.

Landscaping with moss

For restaurants, hotels, spa facilities, fitness centers, offices, business buildings, conference halls, lounges, staircases, advertisement, branding of events, etc. We can give a final touch to each of these spaces with the vertical landscaping system with moss. It is suitable for both interior and exterior. It is applicable on northern facades or indirectly sun-lit areas. 

The system is arranged on a steel structure, with watertight planes, geotextile or other moisture-retaining synthetic fabric and automated mist irrigation system. Raising the moss is entirely by misting and maintaining the air humidity.

The advantages of the moss landscaping system are:

- Noise insulation

-  Maintenance-free

- Attracts and absorbs moisture in the air

- Does not contain toxic components or allergens

- Repels particulate matters in the air

- Does not require special lighting; can also be used in dark unlit spaces.

We will be able to learn more about the vertical landscaping systems of New Garden in Hall 3, Stand С13.