Decorative wall panels and wide-format granite tiles presented by ESTETIKO

The provision of a feel for style, coziness and completeness is a basic requirement in the construction sector in the 21st century. How to achieve high results - the professionals share the same opinion –only high quality materials from the last generation need to be used like the ones to be presented to us by ESTETIKO.

In their participation in Architecture and Construction Week the company will focus on the decoration and home arrangement and decorative wall panels Rustica. The brand, of which ESTETIKO is an official representative, manufactures decorative wall panels and boutique furniture made of solid wood. The elements are produced by innovative technology, through environmentally friendly processes and products. Wall panels are completely impregnated and are moisture- and waterproof, which makes them suitable for interior and exterior applications.

"The decorative wall panels of  Rustica brand bring a feel of stylish finish of the interior. The softness of the natural material gives comfort and warmth to the room, creating a feel of closeness to the nature", commented from the company. One of the advantages of the product is that furniture on an individual project can be made from the same materials, which are harmonized with the wall panels.

Minimizing joints   – with the wide-format granite tiles

ESTETIKO will put emphasis on the wide-format granite tiles. The innovation in this material is improved strength and flexibility, as well as physical properties. The tiles are suitable for interior flooring or decoration, as well as for exterior installation on façade walls. Among the benefits of using large-format granite tiles is the minimization of the joints. Thanks to this the area covered with them looks completed.

"Another key advantage is the option of different formats in which the wide-format granite tiles are available. Thus, different premises in the building can be separated as a design without hindering the work of the contractor, despite the individual requirements of the customer", complemented from the company, which has its own architectural studio, where customer’s ideas become reality. Through VR project, this is done in an easy and fun way. With special software the experts from the company create panoramic visualizations, allowing the customer to view each room.

We will be able to see products offered by ESTETIKO from 25 to 28 February in Hall 1, Stand B7.