Maximum safety and control in gas and electrical power supply

The safety in gas supply and the control of electricity consumption is in the focus of STATUGAZ MUHENDISLIK VE GAZ MALZ. LTD. STI. The company will present to us OPSO and X5.

 OPSO provides two-step gas pressure adjustment. It is suitable for commercial and domestic use. It is installed directly and easily on gas meters; OPSO has high operational reliability and accuracy of the output pressure. The regulator is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of PED directive 2014/68/EU. The functional tests have been performed in accordance with EN334. The product has the following specifications:

- Pressure class PN6

- Inlet pressure range 0.1 to 6 bar

- Output pressure range from 18 mbar to 500 mbar

- Flow range from 1.6 to 60 m3/h

- Structural additional functions with UPSO, with OPSO, with a relief valve

The three-phase X5

 The company will present to us X5 used for measuring the electrical power supply. This is a three-phase electronic electrical meter for recording active and reactive energy. It is of a protection class IP 54 and is MID certified.

X5 stores data without energy and non-volatile memory for a minimum of one year. "The device has over 10 years battery life and protection for the date and time in case of energy absorption", comment from the company. Data concerning the consumption and time can be read by an optical port and LCD display, showing the amount of energy consumed according to the respective tariff. Account shall be taken of eight different periods of time per day, four different tariff types of four days.

The measurement is carried out every 15 minutes; There is an opportunity to display warnings in various situations, including: clock failure, low battery, magnetic interference, communication warnings. Immediate voltage and current values for each phase; Values of instant frequency and total active and reactive power, the date of opening of terminals and the opening dates of the top cover with OBIS codes on the LCD. The voltage and current warnings are displayed on the LCD.

"Load the profile record for at least 180 days and at intervals of 15 minutes. X5 has a programmable period of measurement of searches (15-30-60 minutes) and a manual reset of the search function through a communication port or a reset button for the search once a month ", advised from the company.

The proposals of STATUGAZ MUHENDISLIK VE GAZ MALZ. LTD. STLI.  will be exhibited in Hall 4, Stand B7