Maximum contact with the external environment through profiles of the latest generation offered by REHAU

Modern solutions for doors and windows will be presented to the visitors of Architecture and Construction Week 2020. The company REHAU will also concentrate on them.

In  Hall 2, Stand A5, the company will present profiles for doors and windows of GENEO system. "The products are made of high-tech composite material applicable in Formula 1 and aircraft engineering", commented from REHAU. The material RAU-FIPRO X has an improved formula and an increased share of fiberglass plastics of over 50%. This makes the profile fully reinforced and gives it extra strength, which distinguishes it from the other polymer profiles. The possibilities for large elements and opening parts are comparable to the aluminum ones, while at the same time the thermal insulation qualities of the two materials are incomparable.

GENEO is applicable for exterior doors and windows in residential buildings and sliding doors with lifting and entrance doors. The material RAU-FIPRO X allows for maximum opening elements with a height of up to 2.80 m for white windows and 2.70 m for colour ones. Due to its excellent heat transfer characteristics, the system is suitable for low energy construction and is certified for passive buildings. Thanks to the reinforced fiber composite material RAU-FIPRO X, the window profiles from the GENEO RAU system-FIPRO X allow for maximum opening elements, combining strength and maximum energy efficiency.

Maximum contact with exterior environment

REHAU will present to us also PANORAMA SWING-DESIGN. The modern sliding doors and windows system with possible maximum openings to the exterior environment. Thanks to the innovative fittings solution, the wings are joined to one or both ends of the element, achieving the maximum size of the clearance without visible partitions or fittings items.

Choosing PANORAMA SWING-DESIGN, customers get a complete system solution, thanks to the hardware, which is designed specifically for the   REHAU systems and provides a simple appearance combined with easy servicing and maintenance of the system.