IEC presented the capacities of Bulgarian business to participate in the exhibitions Light + Building and ISH

The new dates of the 20th Anniversary edition of the Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt are 27 September-2 October.

The capabilities of Bulgarian companies to participate in two of the leading themes in the calendar of Messe Frankfurt Light + Building and ISH were presented on 26 February, within the Architecture and Construction Week by Daniela Nencheva from Inter Expo Center, the official representative of Messe Frankfurt for Bulgaria.

Bulgarian companies can still participate in LIGHT + BUILDING

Under the brand Light + Building 15 events are to be held in different parts of the world, where 7200 exhibitors will present on an area of 600 000 sq. m. innovations in lighting and construction technologies to over 500 000 visitors from all over the world.

13 Bulgarian companies will take part in the exhibition in Frankfurt this year. Its adjourning from March to September this year will provide an opportunity for new companies to become exhibitors at Light + Building 2020.

ISH offers a platform for Bulgarian innovative companies operating in the HVAC sector

ISH is another leading theme of the Messe Frankfurt, which  Inter Expo Center will present to the companies at the event.

Under the brand ISH Messa Frankfurt is organizing in different parts of the world 4 exhibitions for bathrooms, intelligent, HVAC, air-conditioning technologies, intelligent control of buildings and automation. It covers the topics plumbing, bathroom and kitchen, building automation systems.

ISH Frankfurt is the most massive event of the four exhibitions and is held once every two years. In 2019 8 Bulgarian exhibitors took part therein, and in 2021 more companies from Bulgaria will have the chance to participate.

The event ended with tasting of the boutique wines of TODOROFF winery.

Messe Frankfurt has 30 business units and 56 international representations. The events of the Messe Frankfurt worldwide generate 730 million Euro of annual turnover. 199 000 exhibitors participate annually and welcome over 4 million visitors from all over the world.

Inter Expo Center is the official representative of Messe Frankfurt for Bulgaria since 2016.

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