Sustainability – The key word in the construction sector

The sector and latest trends met from 25 to 28 February at the Architecture and Construction Week 2020

Over 200 companies. A total of 10 000 sq. m of exhibition areas, stands full of innovations and dozens of accompanying events dedicated to the construction sector. This was the situation at the Jubilee 20th edition of the International Construction business exhibition Architecture and Construction Week, which was held at Inter Expo Center from 25 to 28 February.

Reflecting directly the latest trends, Architecture and Construction Week outlined the sustainable changes in the sector. The most massive edition for the last decade has increased its scale to 10 000 sq. m. of exhibition areas. Over 200 companies from Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Romania and others took part in the business event. Hundreds of brands presented have challenged the interest of more than 7000 entrepreneurs, investors, architects, engineers, builders, designers, professors and business representatives from Bulgaria and abroad. All they benefitted to the maximum from their presence thanks to the precise thematic individualization. The Architecture and Construction Week covered various sectors, such as: "Interior finishing works", "Doors, windows, facades and wooden houses", "Rough construction, exterior finishing works, vertical planning and landscaping, industrial construction and equipment", " HVAC, building automation, software and Smart solutions".

"During the campaign we received registrations for visits from the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Kosovo, Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, etc.", the organizers commented.

Architecture and Construction Week and its importance

"Architecture and Construction Week has proven to be a professional arena where experiences and ideas can be exchanged." These were part of the words with which the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Valentin Yovev opened the exhibition. From the official stand he also identified the main priorities for the sector, among which was digitalisation.

According to Valentin Yovev the implementation of digital technologies will provide great quality and will change the attitudes of foreign direct investors. The key importance of the business forum also emphasized by the manager of Inter Expo Center – Ivaylo Ivanov. "Architecture and Construction Week is among the emblematic exhibitions in the calendar of Inter Expo Center", he said, reminding that for the last five years the exhibition has amplified its scale nearly four times.

A preferred place for professional events

Architecture and Construction Week has proven its reputation as a platform for the realization and promotion of professional events for the sector. The four days offered a dynamic accompanying program, which was actively joined by leading branch organizations, the companies-participants and the organizers.

Digitalization, legislation and investment process were in the focus of a large-scale three-day round table, organized by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria with the participation of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and the Chamber of Engineers in the investment Design. Digitalization was also the highlight in a presentation of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.


The world brands Messe Frankfurt Light + Building and ISH, dedicated respectively to lighting, building technologies and construction services and responsible water and energy management in buildings were presented.

The investment opportunities in Bulgaria were presented to us by NC Industrial Zones, and the National Association of Construction Entrepreneurs attracted the attention with the latest trends in the housing market, infrastructure, the appearance of residential neighbourhood, challenges, etc. The importance of sound insulation and various solutions was demonstrated by Bulgarian Association for construction Insulation. CAB held their Managing board meeting.

Among the main highlights were heating, air conditioning, building automation and Smart solutions. Professional events were dedicated to hybrid solutions for HVAC systems, fire-safety, insulating and ventilation solutions, iron silicate, building and home automation systems, environmental and nature friendly solutions, air conditioning, and energy efficiency, technological solutions for declaring toll fees, hydro isolation.

In order to be successful, each exhibition must combine precision in its thematic individualization, active preparation and professional accompanying program, in which branch organizations, participants and organizers are actively involved. This was proven to us at the Architecture and Construction Week 2020, which will continue to build on the core concept, expand its profile and unite the sector in its next edition – in 2021.