Parquet – the element that lends character to every room

Parquet is undoubtedly among those elements that are of fundamental importance for the creation of the character of every room. In order to allow consumers to make the best choice according to the functions of the place the parquet is intended for, and the customer's individual requirements, PHIVEX PROJECT presents customers with a wealth of proposals in the area of ​​parquet flooring.

Installations for preparation and dosing of lime milk and lime

From 6 to 9 March, AquaCom Electronics will introduce visitors to ARCHITECTURAL & CONSTRUCTION WEEK with installations for the preparation and dosing of lime water and lime. The systems enable the implementation of processes through the introduction of modern and technological solutions.

CITY LIGHT Bulgaria architectural and exterior facade lighting

Quality architectural and exterior facade lighting is an integral part of the contemporary look of our environment. CITY LIGHT Bulgaria will focus the attention of the visitors of the ARCHITECTURE and CONSTRUCTION WEEK on the professional and high-tech solutions in this sector.

Isolations – with many different applications

Modern construction implies the implementation of various insulating technologies and materials. They must meet the predefined requirements so that the project can perform the functions for which it has been built. From 6 to 9 March, the company CHEMICAL PRODUCTS will give an opportunity to learn more about company numerous proposals. This will happen in Hall 3, Stand B2 of the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK.