Isolations – with many different applications

Modern construction implies the implementation of various insulating technologies and materials. They must meet the predefined requirements so that the project can perform the functions for which it has been built. From 6 to 9 March, the company CHEMICAL PRODUCTS will give an opportunity to learn more about company numerous proposals. This will happen in Hall 3, Stand B2 of the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK.

For home and garden –WPC Horizen fences

The fencing equipment must be selected according to the purpose of use of the facility. This is one of the rules around which specialists got united. To satisfy the requirement of each customer, the company ROSIMA offers a variety of products, one of which are the WPC Horizen fences. They will be among the highlights in the company presentation during the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK 2019.

Steel roof tiles and seamless gutters offered at their stand by ROOF COMPANY 

For the construction of a good quality roof structure, which can withstand the harsh weather conditions, the used materials are of paramount importance. "They should not be subject to a compromise", the experts agree. That is why  ROOF COMPANY  will present their professional product offers for the execution of durable, long lasting and at the same time – aesthetically  acceptable roof constructions at the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK.

Stylish and modern interior thanks to high-tech blinds

The modern interior is a combination of various elements, which must be carefully selected and matched appropriately. Blinds are among the finishing details, which are essential both for the appearance of the room and for its convenience.

3 in 1 – The success formula of Concept 3

In order to satisfy the customer it is necessary that the offered products are multifunctional, stylish and easy to maintain. These are the criteria on which the products offered by Proficlean Bulgaria are based on.

Any problem with buildings renovation can find a solution

Established as a platform to inspire builders, this year's Bulgarian Building Week, to be held from 7 to 10 March, has an even richer accompanying program. On the second day, March 8, the seminar hall of the exhibition welcomed the Bulgarian Association for Construction Insulations, which organized its seminar on " Renovation of Building Envelopes - Mistakes in Implementation and Quality Control ".

Светът на строителството и експертите по сигурност се събират на Българска строителна седмица и SECURITY EXPO

Започнаха изложенията Българска строителна седмица и SECURITY EXPO 2018. Те се провеждат от 7 до 10 март в столичния Интер Експо Център. С официална церемония бе дадено началото на SECURITY EXPO. Участие в нея взеха заместник-министърът на вътрешните работи Стефан Балабанов, кметът на София Йорданка Фандъкова, управителят на Интер Експо Център Ивайло Иванов, Цветан Симеонов – председател на УС на Българската търговско-промишлена палата, както и главен комисар Николай Николов.

A greener world of NEW GARDEN

Interior and vertical landscaping, design and construction of gardens; creating a greener world.  This is the reality which the company NEW GARDEN creates through its activity. It will present its ideas to those attending Bulgarian Building Week which will be held from 7 to 10 March in Inter Expo Center.

Surveying and construction equipment of GEOVARA

Builders are aware that the tools they have are of utmost importance for their work. The company GEOVARA will make its proposals at Bulgarian Building Week which will be held from 7 to 10 March in Inter Expo Centre.

Building Materials of POLYSHIELD EU

The company POLYSHIELD EU will present the products and ideas at Bulgarian Building Week which will take place from 7 to 10 March. During the exhibition which will be held at Inter Expo Center, visitors will find a long list of building materials for protection, maintenance, repair and insulation of buildings.