Planex easy - new manual long reach sander by Festool

Sanding machines are an integral part of equipment that every builder and master use in daily life. Moreover, they are a must for each home because of their priceless functions in case of renovation. Responding to the needs of the construction sector, the company Festool has created Planex easy- a new manual long reach sander, which will be presented at the exhibition Bulgarian Building Week from 15 to 18 March at Inter Expo Center - Sofia.

The UACG laboratory that controls the basic materials for the metro tunnels

Where does construction of a metro tunnel start from, and how are controlled the materials used for building? You have certainly asked yourself these questions , because the expansion of metropolitan subway has become the main focus for the national construction sector. Actually the control of a number of these materials input used for the metro tunnels have been exercised by the University construction testing laboratory of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACG).

"Alexa" – a trademark for blinds made by "Stoilov and Co" LTD, which can be controlled via smartphone

Shutters are an essential element of the building and its facade. It is therefore important that they become part of the architectural project. The solution to be demonstrated by "Stoilov and Co 'Ltd' at Bulgarian Building Week 2017 is the registered trade mark of the " Alexa " blinds , which can be reviewed by the visitors at the exhibition from 15 to 18 March. For greater convenience, "Stoilov and Co." Ltd. "will offers automated products, allowing control via smartphone.

Interior window sills by Nolina

The interior window sills, to be demonstrated by the company Nolina, are extremely durable and perfectly waterproof in wet conditions. These are profiles from recycled PVC, with reinforced internal fins. The upper layer is made of high quality PVC foil.

Filtration systems for kitchen by Nikol N

Nikol N will take part in Bulgarian Building Week with multiple products. The filtration systems for kitchen of the company are used to improve the taste of the water by passing it through mechanical filters and through a bed of activated charcoal. This leads to an improvement of the chemical composition of the water used.

Iceguard Ltd. To present steel hot water boilers PelTec

At the 17th edition of Bulgarian Building Week, Iceguard Ltd. will present steel boilers PelTec, designed for wood pellets firing. From 15 to 18 March visitors to the exhibition, organized by Inter Expo Center - Sofia will be able to learn with the technology of the boiler with integrated pellet burner for wood pellets with automatic ignition and automatic self-cleaning.

Shelly – a solution by Allterco Robotics for building automation

The buildings of the innovative XXI century are becoming more environmentally friendly, more practical and energy-efficient. To achieve all this, it is crucial to automate a building.During Bulgarian Building Week, from 15 to 18 March, Allterco Robotics will present to the visitors its innovative solution - the product line Shelly, which provides automation of homes, buildings and industries.

The company A Plus Solutions presents underfloor heating systems by MULTIBETON

The heating of any building is essential for the people that work or live inside. When choosing the  heating system there are two main factors –effectiveness and cost-efficiency. The best example of combining them will be demonstrated at Bulgarian Building Week 2017 by company A Plus Solutions, that will present underfloor heating systems from the leader in this sector - MULTIBETON.