Preferential prices for early bird booking at the Bulgarian Building Week Exhibition until January 12

The latest edition of the forum reported a 45% growth in participating firms and occupied areas

Until January 12, 2018, companies that have applied for participation in the Bulgarian Building Week exhibition will be able to benefit from the special early bird discount. This will be the 18th edition of the International Forum for Energy Efficient, Ecological and Functional Building, which will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center - Sofia.

During its last edition, Bulgarian Building Week registered a growth of 45% of participating firms and occupied areas. More than 200 companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Greece and Moldova, located their stands over an area of 2100 sq. m. The forum, which is held in parallel with Security Expo, was visited by more than 8500 visitors, including Bulgarian and foreign specialists, investors, building contractors, architects and designers, manufacturers, traders and distributors, warehouse and shop owners, end-customers.

The exhibition enables professionals to get acquainted with the most modern products, machines, lifting platforms, thermal and waterproofing, plasters and paints, thermal panels and tools. Bulgarian Building Week is a platform providing opportunities to present innovation.

At the last edition, attendees also had the opportunity to review the high-tech trends in exterior blinds with smartphone control, industrial, garage and residential doors, mobile and prefabricated buildings, ecopanels, stairs and scaffolding, sun protection systems and many more in the world of construction.

Defined as the "barometer of the trends in the sector”, Bulgarian Building Week offers conditions both for strengthening the business relations with current business partners and the opportunity to establish new contacts with local and foreign representatives.