The world that is an inspiration for builders

The universe of the Bulgarian Building Week exhibition combines ideas, quality materials and the latest technology in the sector

Doing building and repair activities requires several consequent steps. Usually we need a suitable preliminary project. The next step, which is often a challenge, is to implement it. And then the immediate questions - how to find the necessary machinery, equipment, materials and professionals to realize that.

The right answers and the right people we can find at the international exhibition Bulgarian Building Week. It is held annually at Inter Expo Center – Sofia, Bulgaria and provides the opportunity for acquaintance with the most modern products, machines, lifting platforms, heat and waterproofing materials, plasters and paints, thermal panels and tools. The exhibition, which will take place from March 7th to March 10th at Inter Expo Center for the 18th time, is a platform that provides the opportunity to present innovation and bring the whole sector together, to strengthen the business relations with the current business partners and to create new contacts with representatives from the country and abroad.

Warm and cozy at home

As an exhibition for energy efficient, ecological and functional construction, in its latest edition Bulgarian Building Week again provided many suggestions for creating a safe, warm and cozy home. Among them were the EternaBond self-adhesive tapes, defined as an ideal waterproofing solution for roof repairs. There were numerous solutions for roofing, among which the innovative metal roof tiles ARAD.

The forum, which gathered more than 200 companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Greece and Moldova, offers a wide choice of integrated thermal and heating systems for a warmer floor, among which the advanced economic model of a modern healthy infrared heating – the HEAT PLUS universal heating film.

Smart and automated

Modern day life is high-tech oriented. This requires that buildings should meet the demands of our hectic everyday life, filled with numerous obligations. To create coziness in modern living conditions, the homes needs to be "smart".

For the management and the automation of buildings, the Shelly system was among the solutions at the last edition of the forum. The system allows to control electrical appliances, lighting and two-way motors via smartphone and computer. Among the solutions there were the "Alexa" blinds, which can be controlled via smartphone, as well as the PortaMatic interior door operator.

Born from the future

Bulgarian Building Week is an inspiration for the builders. In 2017, they had the opportunity to see “buildings of the future", including the mobile and autonomous building Relax Box. Designed for year-round use, it is a container type building, while its installation takes only one hour!

The fans of the easy-to-install refabricated buildings had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the "Kapa" system, allowing the construction of buildings with a free width of 50 meters and a height of 20 meters. Eco-panels made of wood and rye straw were also exhibited. The product stores heat in the winter and provides coolness during the summer.

Of course, Bulgarian Building Week allows every professional builder to find the tools he needs. There was a selection of lifting platforms, which could "grow" up to 400 meters, the advantages of which are their faster construction compared to the scaffolding and the possibility of adjustment to the facade. Inte4d underfloor heating systems for public buildings and spaces, as well as rubber flooring for children's playgrounds, with impact-proof and sound-proofing properties to prevent injuries.

Construction needs constant inspiration. This is the task that the organizers of the Bulgarian Construction Week will try to achieve from 7 to 10 March.