Topical issues for ecology and energy efficiency - in the focus of Bulgarian Building Week 2018  

Innovative straw panels, attractive bio-houses and efficient thermal insulation systems are among the innovations that will await us at Inter Expo Center from 7 to 10 March

The basis of modern and contemporary construction is energy efficiency and functionality. There is a  trend for the buildings to become increasingly passive and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is important for everyone in the sector to be familiar with the latest products, innovations, methods and optimal energy-efficient proposals in the field of thermal insulation, passive buildings and environmental methods of construction. All of them will be the highlight of this year's Bulgarian Building Week from 7 to 10 March.

The proven international forum for energy efficient, ecological and functional construction, held for the 18th consecutive time at Inter Expo Center, will offer modern building equipment, machines, tools, insulation, sanitary equipment. In the atmosphere of numerous opportunities for creating new contacts and business development, everyone will be able to get acquainted with the current challenges and see where he is positioned.

Warmth and comfort

For the creation of a warm and cozy home and to construct a modern building with extended service life, quality thermal insulation systems are of big importance. The Bio Clima system, which will be among the highlights by TERAZID company will demonstrate its potential. By using quality materials, it creates a healthy environment and reduces energy costs. Visitors will also be acquainted with the variety of  finishing decorative coatings by the company. One of them is Wood Decor -a fascinating lining with  wood effect.

Quality heat insulation will also be highlighted by Ada Color company, which will present the white EPS EPS insulation board. The high-quality and low-flammable heat-insulating material of expanded polystyrene (EPS) has a structure that allows the building to "breathe". Among the highlights of the company there will also be BK- StirolFix WDVS - glue and coating for EPS \ XPS thermal insulation boards (with fiber).

Straw - a demanded building material

Barbali Company is a follower of the tendency for ecology and efficiency ,will demonstrate innovative straw ecopanels. The possibilities for designing passive, prefabricated and healthy houses with these panels are numerous. Panels made of 100% rye straw are used to construct buildings keeping the heat in the winter and a cool climate in the summer. After plastering with clay, they acquire class B1 (low flammability), while buildings that have life 100 feature, will acquire F119 certificate.

The motto of the 21st century is: "Beautiful, functional and healthy buildings"

Natural materials are fully applicable to modern construction. This is proved by the bio-houses of 100% natural materials offered by Biodom Europe. Combining traditional methods of construction with state-of-the-art computer technologies,they create buildings with a natural climate in a breathable environment that do not need heating and cooling.

During the forum, which in 2017 brought together more than 200 companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Greece and Moldova in 2017, Connix Home will also be present their potential. They will present SIP technology with structural insulating panels and skeletal beam construction with mineral wool insulation for the construction of low-energy houses with a supporting wood base. The buildings that the company builds are characterized by short construction times, low heating and cooling costs, a healthy living environment, durability and robustness.

The windows - a final fundamental touch

We can say a building is finished only when the last element - the window - is already installed. It is well known to any expert that the glazings and the materials are something to approach very carefully.

A variety of similar ideas will be presented by I-DIAL. Among their products are the windows for low energy and ecological houses. Known as energy-saving "passive house windows", combined with highly refined framework and triple glazing, the company offers "profile 92" wooden windows. Delivering a comprehensive set of innovative solutions, they are designed thinking about user comfort and safety for the customer. 

An integrated platform that enables the world of construction to unleash its potential and a wealth of opportunities. This is the Bulgarian Building Week exhibition, which in the course of already 18 years is a proof that we live in the age of unlimited ideas and ways of realization. It will awaits us from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.