Increase in the number of new companies participating in Bulgarian Building Week

The exhibition focusing on energy efficiency, environmental and functionality will be joined by  the Association of Professional Gardeners in Bulgaria

The building sector needs its own home. A platform that offers the right solutions for businesses and practical ideas for homes. From March 7 to 10, there will be held Bulgarian Building Week 2018 -the 18th consecutive edition of the well-established and only spring exhibition for building in Bulgaria.

The exhibition will be held at Inter Expo Center. A month before its start, the organizers report that the newly -registered companies will be 55. This is a way to strengthen the trend for a positive growth of the exhibition Bulgarian Building Week. Last year's edition registered an annual growth that was more than 45% in terms of participating companies and  occupied areas. Being held in parallel  with the exhibitions Security Expo, Bulgarian Building Week attracted the attention of more than 8500 business visitors and end customers.

The collective stand of the professional gardeners

Focused on energy efficiency, ecology and functional construction, this year's exhibition has become a major stop for professional gardeners. There will be a collective booth of the the Association of Professional Gardeners in Bulgaria to be opened at Bulgarian Building Week.

They will attract the attention of the visitors to the construction, shaping and maintenance of landscaped areas and the importance of using quality and certified products. The companies in the sector will present numerous products and professional practices related to the design and creation of diverse green areas, including Japanese and roof gardens, vertical landscaping in the interior and exterior, delivery and planting of large-scale greenery as well as anti-erosion techniques.

Low energy houses

Reaffirming its reputation as an exhibition that unifies ecological practices, Bulgarian Building Week will offer to the visitors a variety of solutions for creating a low energy and nature-friendly home. The focus of Conix Home will be the SIP technology with structural insulating panels and skeletal beam construction with mineral wool insulation in connection with technologies for building low-energy houses with a wooden structure. Visitors will find at the booth of I-DIAL ecological solutions by Biodom-Europe for bio-houses made of natural materials without the use of synthetic materials.

For all 18 years since it was established, Bulgarian Building Week has become a real "home for the construction sector". Because the exhibition creates a real platform for business development, networking and offers a wide range of products. This is where new high-tech and innovative products will once again prove their advantages and features from7 to 10 March.