Construction return with full force from 6 to 9 March

70% of the capacity of the exhibition ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK, held at Inter Expo Center-Sofia, have been occupied as early as the end of 2018.

The beginning of the year is a time for assessment, analyses and review of the trends that the market will follow over the next 12 months. With the development of its new concept, apparently 2019 will be the year of the Renaissance for the biggest business event in the construction sector in Bulgaria - ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK.

The broadest after 2008 edition of the Bulgarian Construction Forum will be held from 6 to 9 March 2019 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The business event will be accommodated in three showrooms, and the participants will deploy their stands over an area of over 8500 sq. m. Indicative for the perspectives before the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK   is the fact that as early as in the end of 2018 70% of the capacity were occupied by Bulgarian and foreign participants, including international companies from Germany, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Poland, China, etc.

The organizers added: "During its 19-year history the exhibition went through periods of exceptional upsurge and through some stagnation in the market. After the crisis, the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK has experienced a noticeable rise. For the first time in the current decade, the forum reached such growth. "

Precise Segmentation

Among the main elements in the formula of success in the forthcoming edition the companies point to the component "precise segmentation", which the organizers have set in their concept. This approach will create separate thematic areas in which Bulgarian and international actors will be united by the sector of their activities. This will undoubtedly create conditions for even better business communication and ease of visitors.

The forum for energy-efficient, environmental and functional construction is focused on the potential of modern construction equipment and design, technology and tools, finishing activities, interior materials and technologies, modern grading and levelling and landscaping and industrial construction. Among the highlights will be the software, BIM, virtual reality and the actual application of 3D-printing within the construction sector. Since high technologies are everywhere, they find increasingly widespread application in office, residential, holiday and industrial construction. 

Partners – the basis of success

For the positive tendencies the organizers take into account the pro-active approach of reputable branch organizations with which they are partnering. Desiring to present at the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK the entire potential of modern construction, in the last year they have focused their efforts on the upgrading of longstanding business partnerships and building new ones.

 Branch organizations are involved in the forum with their  overall capacities – Bulgarian Chamber of Architects (BCA), Bulgarian Chamber of Builders (BCB), Chamber of Engineers in the investment design (CEID), Bulgarian Association for Construction isolations (BACI), Bulgarian doors, windows and Facades Association, Bulgarian Council for Sustainable Development, Association of Professional landscapers in Bulgaria, educational institutions.

"The accompanying events are the element that makes an exhibition become an effective professional forum", the organizers commented. Having concentrated the efforts in this direction and in close cooperation with the participants and the branch organizations, the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK promises to turn into an innovation hub for construction from 6th to 9th of March and an intersection for discussions. This will happen through the prepared innovative forum dedicated to high technologies in construction, professional conferences, workshops and round tables, as well as demonstrations of innovative materials, approaches and trends.

As a great further opportunity for the business, professionals appreciate that ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION WEEK will take place at the same time as SECURITY EXPO and WATER TECH EXPO, focused respectively at the security sector and industrial water management.

Having provided the best terms and conditions for the construction for almost two decades now, the sectoral business event in Bulgaria will reveal its potential from 6 to 9 March at Inter Expo Center. Each company can apply for participation at