European and Asian enterprises to join the building business event of Bulgaria

The exhibition ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING WEEK to be launched on March 6

One month. This is the time available until the start of Bulgaria's business event for the building sector – the exhibition ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING WEEK. The forum will “take over” the halls of Inter Expo Center from 6 to 9 March, bringing together companies from several continents.

Following the announcement of the new concept of international forum in 2018, this year’s indicators show the 19-th edition will be largest one for the first time in a decade. "Over an area of over 8500 sq.m. the participants will position their stands offering innovative products from around the world, "commented the organizers. This year, in which there is a considerable increase of the international character of the exhibition, they provide special attention to the product segmentation. Which is why the halls of ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING WEEK will be separated into several product groups: "Interior and finishing works", "Doors, windows, facades and profiles" and "Carcassing and exterior finishing works".

An international business platform

The halls of the exhibition will bring together participants from Europe and Asia. Modern products, solutions, innovations and know-how will be demonstrated by companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Poland, China, Romania, Turkey, Iran, India.

As can be seen from the m the foreign participants’ profiles, they are grouped into several product sectors. The companies from Poland and Romania will mainly present metal tiles, roofing elements and roof structures. English and Belgian companies will focus on doors and thermal insulations, while those from China - doors and pipes. The participants from Turkey - Bulgaria’s southeastern neighbor, will present metals and metal elements, sandstone tiles and exterior solutions. At ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING WEEK there will be Turkish companies that operate large-scale production facilities in our country. From 6 to 9 March, there will also be a national participation of companies from Iran who mainly rely on ceramics for this event. This sector will also dominate the participation of the companies from India.

ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING WEEK will highlight the potential for advanced equipment and design, technologies and tools, finishing works, interior materials and technologies, modern vertical planning and landscape, and industrial building. There will be more highlights, such as software, BIM, virtual reality and the practical application of the 3D printing within the construction sector.

Apart from its large scale, this year's edition is also distinguished by the extremely intensive co-operation with main branch organizations ,such as - the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB), the BULGARIAN CONSTRUCTION CHAMBER (BCC), the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design/CEID/ , the Bulgarian Association for Construction Insulation (BACI), the Bulgarian Doors, Windows and Facades Association, the Bulgarian Council for Sustainable Development, the Association of Professional Landscapers in Bulgaria, educational institutions.

From 6 to 9 March, the business platform of Bulgaria building sector - ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING WEEK, will bring together the representatives of the sector. Held in parallel with SECURITY EXPO and WATER TECH EXPO, the forum will create unprecedented conditions for business upgrading, establishing new contacts, unlocking new technologies and trends. You will find all details about the exhibition at: