The event, on which the interest of the construction sector is focused

Leading companies from the construction industry are joining the 20th Anniversary edition of ARCHITECTURAL AND BUILDING WEEK

Further development of the concept set in 2019, opening of additional halls, new themes and even closer cooperation with exhibitors and branch organizations. All these are the expectations of the construction sector for the exhibition of Architectural and Building Week 2020. The forum, which at its latest edition provided conditions for business development of companies from dozens of countries, will be held at Inter Expo Center from 25 to 28 February 2020.

The jubilee 20th edition will be the largest in the last decade. In four exhibition chambers, on 10 000 sq. m, companies from numerous construction branches will meet with managers, architects and designers, investors and entrepreneurs, engineers, distributors, traders, interior designers, etc. both local and foreign.

Developing the refining concept, in 2020 the organizers distinguished the themes "Interior finishing Works", "Doors, windows and facades", "Exterior finishing works", "Construction equipment and machinery" "," Vertical planning and landscaping” and “Industrial construction and equipment”. The exhibition profile is enriched by the opening of another hall for the companies in the fields of "building automation", "HVAC" and "Smart systems".

Leading   Bulgarian  and foreign companies

The opportunities that the exhibition provides as a professional platform, combined with the upward trends in the sector, attract the interest of the key figures in the construction industry. In the sector "Interior finishing works" the visitors will learn more about the products and technologies of the new participants – Esteta interiori, Estetico, Polychrome, GROHE AG,  "Gia" bathroom products, Parketen  svyat.

From 25 to 28 February, leading companies will exhibit their offerings, products and services for "Doors, windows, facades and wooden houses". These include Solid 55, VAS PRO, VJF, Altest. In the sectors "Rough construction and exterior finishing works" and "Industrial construction and equipment" we can see the names of Knauf Bulgaria, Orgachim, Technopanel, ITT BULGARIA, Boro Terakol, Bramac, HTI BULGARIA. "HVAC" branch attracts the interest in  participation of Tempex, Damvent, Proximus Engineering, Systemair, Plamcom, Biomass energy, Fidox, etc.

"We expect the largest presence of participants from Turkey for the last decade", the organizers share. Currently the areas occupied by them exceed 400 sq. m.

Close cooperation with professional organisations

Among the main prerequisites for the upward tendencies in the Architectural and Building Week, the organizers put the close partnership with  professional organizations , such as Bulgarian Association for insulation in construction, Bulgarian Chamber of Architects, Bulgarian  Chamber of Builders, Chamber of Engineers in Investment design, Bulgarian Doors, windows and facades association, Bulgarian union of Prefabricated houses manufacturers, Association of Professional Landscaping engineers, National Association of Construction Contractors, Bulgarian Council for Sustainable Development and "Vision for Sofia" project.

It is evident that this year we will be witnessing an even richer and exciting accompanying program, including forums, workshops, meetings of professional organizations and industry meetings. "In the last edition we witnessed several forums dedicated to innovation and the future of construction, discussions about construction techniques and technologies and many others," the organizers remind.

From 25 to 28 February 2020 the Architectural and Construction Week will provide a platform for the development of the construction sector, making new contacts and strengthening the long-term business partnerships. Visitors can make their registration for a free visit at: