Last generation construction proposals – Architectural-Building Week 2020


Promoting the circular economy, the construction business exhibition of Bulgaria brings the sector together from 25 to 28 February

High standards in modern construction require the use of products and materials of the latest generation. By focusing your attention on paints with special effects, insulating systems of the last generation, thatched panels and many others, we would like to present below some of the most advanced solutions in the construction sector "Carcassing and exterior finishing works" and "Industrial construction and equipment ". We have been given this opportunity by the organizers of Architectural-Building Week 2020. The exhibition will be held from 25 to 28 February at Inter Expo Center.

Thermal insulation, thatched eco-panels and special paint

Sandwich-panels are among the modern solutions for facades, walls and roofs. They are preferred for beautiful and durable designs and will be presented by Technopanel. As a building material for fast and reliable installation, sustainability, thermal insulation, fire safety, sound insulation, waterproofness, light weight and service life up to 40 years are some of its advantages. Ruukki will join the exhibition with sandwich panels and façade systems. The professionals from TERAZID will present to us their latest proposals for adhesives, plasters and heat insulations.

The svisitor will learn more about the qualities and applications of the thermal insulation systems DEKOTHERM by ORGACHIM. Thanks to the combination of reliable protection, efficiency, comfort and coziness, they provide a strong and protected façade, temperature control in summer and winter, reducing the cost of heating and cooling. The company will also present DEKO di marmo – secorative, seamless floor covering with an open structure. Everybody can benefit from it in the construction of swimming pools, parking lots, garages, terraces, SPA centers.

The rye straw ecopanels of BARBALI are sustainable and energy efficient. Thanks to their regular geometric shape, working with them is quick, and the used materials provide warmth in winter and coolness in the summer. The application of acrylic paints is growing as they can be tailored to the customer’s – they will be in the focus of BORO TERACOL’s presentation. For special effects shaping attractive rollers or special foam sponges are used, creating various spectacular structures on the smooth coatings. The company also focuses on "Brilliant Decorative" – silicone plaster with special effects and thermal insulation system "BOROTERM".

One material = many applications

Iron Silicate. Also known as Fayalite, it is highly valued because of its vast applicability, which will be promoted by the specialists from AURUBIS. Iron Silicate is compatible with limestone, clay, clinker, soils, cement, sand, gravel, bitumen, polymers, epoxides, etc. Because of this it is a preferred element for the production of transport concrete, elements, ceramic products, asphalt mixtures, industrial coatings.

Let’s bring Natural light!

Bringing in maximum amount of natural light into the building is directly related to environmental protection. But how to do that? The solution is provided by the flat roof window DXW from NORTOP. With its reinforced structure and anti-slip coating, it provides natural light in the room and at the same time we can safely step on it.

For the roof

The business exhibition will give us the opportunity to learn more about the qualities of the bitumen roof tiles IKO by ARMORMAT. The advantages of the metal roof tiles will be demonstrated by the company ROOF. The product is distinguished by its strength, does not need cleaning and does not lose its qualities. Metal roof tiles are distinguished by their light weight, the ability to be placed on already constructed roofs and their energy efficiency.

Domus NG will join Architectural-Building Week 2020 with a focus on the waterproofing. Among them are RubberGard™ EPDM – EPDM rubber waterproofing materials. The building owners and designers can choose the system that best suits to the project. ISOMAX will present their hydro-isolation solutions, too.

And more...

Machinery, equipment and technology are essential for the development of the sector. They will be presented to us by Euromarket. If you are wondering if you will find the necessary fasteners, the answer is positive. ITT Bulgaria with their customized complex solutions is one of the companies in this segment. A rich portfolio of materials and services will be presented by HTI Bulgaria. Experts from KNAUF will exhibit boards, profiles, plasters, installation accessories and many more. Also HENKEL will present their technologies.   

High-tech and with individual approach to the customer. This is how we would describe the solutions and the services that will be presented at Architectural-Building Week 2020 from 25 to 28 February at Inter Expo Center. If you are wondering what other interesting products can be seen, please visit the exhibition site –