Photovoltaic windows, magnetic lock and wooden façade sections – at a single exhibition

Architectural and Construction week to bring together over 200 companies from the entire construction Sector at Inter Expo Center from 25 to 28 February

Eco-friendliness, workability, style, innovativeness and attention to detail. In order to fit into our dynamic daily life, trends and customer attitudes, each newly built project must comply with these characteristics. To meet the demanding requirements, over 200 companies from the entire construction industry will get together from 25 to 28 February. The occasion is the Business Exhibition Architectural and Construction Week, which will present their latest and innovative products, about some of which we will learn more here below. 

Some can generate electricity, others can stop a bullet

Windows that generate electricity. This is not a product that we are going to see in the distant future, because they  exist and will be presented to us by  GM Investment. Photovoltaics are built-in as standard glass and capture sunlight, transforming it into electricity. They consist of several layers, providing heat, sound insulation and natural light. The product is self-repayable and can be installed in every building. Windows for passive buildings will be presented by Asconsult Adverso. They are made of multi-layered wood and have high noise- and thermal insulation properties. The completely hidden fittings make them a suitable choice for low-energy and passive buildings, restoration by passive method, etc.

Let's bring natural light under the roof. This option is provided by the DXW flat roof windows by NORTOP, which we can safely step on, thanks to its reinforced structure and non-slip coating. The aluminum profile systems Schüco AWS of ALUKONIGSTAHL are workable and with many functions. Combining functionality, workability and attention to detail, some of them have concealed fittings and anti-breaking protection. It is the right time to mention BULGUARD – the bullet protection glass. Created by special technology and presented by BULCORP, they are preferred for glazing of banks, offices, museums, etc. The doors and windows insulated system Ѕlіmlіne 38 by Reynaers provide style and comfort. For opening inward and outward, the thin steel design is an excellent solution for the modern architecture and renewal of windows with steel sections while keeping the original design.

 After the window has been placed, it must be insulated. A sealing technology indoors and outdoors, and also repair and construction technologies will be offered to us by Henkel with the innovative TEROSON tapes. With thermoplastics glue on both sides, they are suitable for every season and allow both easy placement on window frames and direct gluing without primer on smooth surfaces and mineral bases.  

The door speaks about the essence of the room

Comfort, individuality and convenience. These sensations are provided by the PIRNAR doors by Solid 55. With elegantly concealed handles and a fingerprint reader, night light and beautiful hand-crafted smooth surfaces, each door is kind of a masterpiece. The modern design is a distinctive feature of the entrance doors CREO. Wisniowski premium products  provide an opportunity to be controlled from anywhere in the world through smartCONNECTED technology.

Panoramic sliding doors are among the latest modern interior solutions. Visitors of the Architectural and Construction week will have the chance to enjoy the Hi-Finity  by Reynaers. The door, high up to three meters and a half and panel weight up to 300 ĸg, is designed in a way allowing to see through it, but not the door itself. The outside frame can be built-in in the building structure, thus making the dream of maximum glazing of the room come true.

For stylish arrangement of the interior, Dorion Bulgaria presents TWINLINE STRUCTURAL-a double partition wall with structural glazing. It has simple appearance, high degree of noise insulation, structurally glued glazing to aluminum structure and is suitable for every office.

The magnetic lock AGB-VITRA for interior glass doors is a stylish solution for the office and home. It can be installed in an aluminum or wooden frame. "The product has an innovative design and revolutionary locking mechanism", commented from the company PASADOR. For security reasons, Techno Roll will present rolling shutters and grills, among which is SKT-Opoterm – a roller shutter and BKR – for outlets. Thanks to their qualities, they   increase the thermal insulation and noise insulation, and at the same time provide security and can be included in the smart-home automated systems.

The façade is the face of the building before the world

The façade is the element that gives us the first impression of each building. At the Architectural and Construction Week 2020 we will find innovative ceramic sun protection for facades Tempio by Cerámica Mayor S.A. Their design allows for various applications – for protection against sunlight in staircases and openings, such as pergola, balustrade or partition wall. The qualities of ceramic sun protection make them recyclable and able to provide long life, color stability and self-cleaning effect. Aksal is joining the event with stylish aluminum fiber-cement solutions, ceramics, etc. Completely new colors and decors with an appearance of natural stone, Milan series will be presented to us by Agrob Buchtal.

Decorative façade profiles from composite wood are presented by ARTEFINO. The product is environmentally friendly and can be used for walls, ceilings and damp rooms. The composite wood consists of 75% recyclable raw materials, and if cleaning is necessary it would be sufficient to use only water. For the arrangement of the exterior, we can also stop our attention on the remotely controllable pergola from aluminium lamellas presented by Stoilov and Co., or glass systems and exterior aluminum blinds by Pro Tent System.

The Architectural and Construction week, on an area of 10 000 sq. m, will give us the opportunity to learn more about many more innovative products. This is going to happen during our next meetings. Until then – anyone can make their registration for a free visit at