Landscaping ideas - environmental and aesthetic solution for interior and exterior

Many ideas and systems presented to us by the participants in the Jubilee 20th edition of the exhibition Architectural and Construction Week

Sustainability and aesthetics are two leading aspects in construction. Impressive proposals for interior and exterior landscaping, tailored to customers’ requirements, will be among the highlights of the companies - participants in the International exhibition Architectural and Construction Week 2020. The Jubilee 20th edition of the International Forum will take place from 25 to 28 February and will bring together at Inter Expo Center over 200 participants from Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Romania, etc. We would like to present some of the most interesting landscaping ideas that can be seen at the company stands.

For interior walls of the lounges of office buildings, hotels, public buildings, etc., New Garden presents a vertical landscaping system. It is laid in a steel structure, and for its construction are used watertight panels and geotextile. The irrigation system is automated and the plants are cultivated through the "hydroponics" method. The air humidity in rooms with dry and stagnant air is increased by the system and noise isolation and dust retention is provided. For restaurants, hotels, spa facilities, fitness centers, offices, conference halls, lounges, staircases, branding, etc., the company presents landscaping with moss. The vertical landscaping system is suitable for both interior and exterior, but is also applicable for northern facades or indirectly sun-lit spaces. This system is also arranged on a steel structure, but the cultivation of the moss is entirely through misting and maintaining the air moisture.

We are often challenged by limited office space... Practical and easy to implement ideas for vertical landscaping will be offered to us by the experts of "Colourful ideas". To provide best possible conditions for the plants our attention will be attracted by the products in the "Landscaping" sector. These include pots from high quality plastic with double bottom and irrigation system. They are long lasting, with UV colors resistance, which fit in a variety of interior solutions in the office, on the terrace or in the common areas. They are durable and lightweight, suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas.

Cork walls and Scandinavian moss

The Scandinavian moss becomes more preferred for the interior because of its aesthetic and technical qualities. We will be able to learn more about its multi-sided nature during the Architectural and Construction week. Among its main advantages are the richness of colors, the long life and the minimal need for maintenance – all the qualities that make it the right choice for creating paintings, company logos, inscriptions and even whole walls. Giving a feel of natural environment in the office, showroom or restaurant, the moss walls absorb the sound, do not build up dust and do not need cleaning.

The overall landscape projects, afforestation, roofing and interior landscaping and ornamental plants are the highlight in the FLOREX presentation.

What else has impressed us?

We are going to present o you another environment-friendly interior solution. This is the decorative cork 3D wall, which is applicable for both residential and office premises. Presented by Forest Design and Architecture, the Virgin cork wall is made up of natural and hard cork wood sheets. In addition to its high aesthetic qualities, the product impresses with its thermal insulation and acoustic properties.

The company BOEL is presenting to us an innovative offer. This is a system of modular elements and solid wood bricks STEKO®. Engineered as per a Swiss technology, it provides strength and durability like a solid building combined with the warmth and comfort of wood. "The huge advantage is the extreme building construction speed with STEKO® from 3 to 10 days depending on the number of storeys", commented from the company.

Next week's exhibition Architectural and Construction Week will welcome at Inter Expo Center the construction sector with its most massive format for the past ten years on an area of 10 000 sq. m. Hundreds of brands from over 200 companies will be available for the visitors from 25 to 28 February. Until then, everyone can register for a free visit at